ScriptHop Intro

A feature-rich software platform engineered specifically for Hollywood that can read and recommend screenplays

It's All About Story

Screenplays can be elusive, crafted with subtext. ScriptHop's artificial intelligence is designed with humanistic approaches to understanding and appreciating story, rather than relying on traditional algorithms often used to interpret non-literary text. Its core focus is to empower agents, execs, and creatives with powerful insights into their content so they can better discover the diamonds in the literary rough.

We bring humanity to A.I., not the other way around.

The ScriptHop Platform

We built an entire content management and workflow platform fully integrated with ScriptHop's artificial intelligence. Whether it's one or one million screenplays, ScriptHop reads and manages the entire company library where it then becomes a personal librarian, concierge, and script guru for everyone in the organization.

Brian Austin

Co-Founder / CEO

Software Architect and Entrepreneur

Scott Foster


Former UTA Story Department Director
Masters in Screenwriting, Columbia University

Based in Portland and Los Angeles

We created a tool that demonstrates just one facet of what our system can do. ScriptHop is providing this tool free of charge to use with your own screenplays. No catch. We simply want to give you a small taste of what's to come when we launch our full platform.

See the tool in action

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